Many Coatis , one excellent source, and one correction

I am now preparing a review of sightings of Coatis (Nasua nasua) for this blog, as it seems appropriate in the context of my recommendations presented in the Valenti Rull literature review. In the mean time, I would like to share a website which is a tremendous resource for all those studying the GH, Pantepui, or northern South America in general. The Guiana Shield Initiative, (GSI) started in 2000, covers a variety of relevant and timely conservation topics, and is an integral part of the sustainable development programs in the region. Their documents section is a valuable asset to all those studying conservation and development in industrializing nations. I may have to review and analyze the GSI in preparation for a redraft of my 2009 article.
On a related note, I have noticed that the word Neusticurus is misspelled "Neocecurus" in footnote 44 in "Globalizing a Lost World."
The beautiful Neusticurus lizards can be seen here, in all their tepui inhabiting glory. Upon due consideration of footnote 44, it is very unlikely that any larger animal could be confused with Neusticurus, which does not exceed a foot in length. This raises some questions in my mind regarding certain reptiles sighted on Auyan Tepui, which will be addressed in detail latter.