Biokryptos passed the 5k mark today!

The blog Biokryptos has received is 5,000 hit mark today since its inception two years ago. Given the narrow scope of the blog, this is a tremendous accomplishment. The blog is the first online showcase of original scientific topics pertaining to research and exploration of the Pantepui region, and is the flagship of this project. Topics on this blog are primarily concerned with the faunal composition of Auyan Tepui, and have been dedicated to determining the sum total biodiversity of Au
yan by closing the "knowledge gaps" between Venezuelan scientists and explorers and U.S. and western scientists.

So far, a few key mysteries were explored in detail. First and foremost, the issue of coati distribution on the tepui summits were explored in a two part article "Brown nosed coatis on Auyan Tepui; are lowland vertebrates invading the tepuis?". The article can be viewed in its entirety in parts 1 and part 2 by following the highlighted links. Shortly after these were posted, the Auyan Tepui 2012 camera trapping pilot study began with the help of Albero Pomares and Vittorio Assandria. As this exciting study was taking place, Biokryptos produced another original article on a topic which has not been addressed academically thus far; the presence of the southern anteater Tamandua tetradactyla on the summit of Auyan. This article went beyond the documenting evidence for the presence of populations of Tamanduas on Auyan, and delved into sightings of giant anteaters documented by Tate on the Southern access point and talus slopes of Auyan, as well as the question of the distribution of the two toes sloth Bradypus tridactylus in the Pantepui.
With one IUCN article based on the research showcased at Biokryptos, and another one on the way, Biokryptos is going to be expanding the scope of its published posts over the next few months, to further explore the mysteries of the Pantepui, the threats to the survival of this unique region, and what can be done to conserve it. Thanks for reading Biokryptos, 5k views from around the world is an exciting and encouraging success.

Image above taken during the 2012 Camera Trap Pilot Study, photograph by Alberto Pomares.


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